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Bundaberg Qld

7 March 2019

Rockhampton Q

21 February 2019


23 April 2019

Warwick Q

28 March 2019

Post School Transitions Workshop Calendar
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Webinar Calendar

Autism for Dads

13 February 2019

Meltdown Webinar

21 March 2019


Autism for Dad's  - a no-nonsense, easy to follow explanation of Autism in bloke's language. This innovative webinar is specifically for men with Autism in their life - dad, grandads, uncles, nephews. Learn about Autism characteristics, meltdown, what your partner needs after a rough day and parenting strategies that work for Autism. 

Autism Meltdown Techniques - a webinar offering an in-depth explanation of the neurological processes occurring during a meltdown, and a 10 step plan for managing meltdowns, while minimising self-harm and violence. This successful technique was refined from managing multiple daily meltdowns during our family's personal experience, across many years.

By engaging in these WEBINARS you can benefit from Nelle's expertise, research and lived experience of Autism!

The ONLINE DELIVERY means you can access this training wherever you are - home, office, mining camp on your FIFO swing.

Sensory Detective  ® WORKSHOP 
***WORKSHOP TITLE - "Decoding Autism/Asperger’s behaviours through sensory awareness"

Nelle Frances delivers an innovative training session titled "Decoding Autism/Asperger's behaviours through sensory awareness".

The training  includes Nelle's high-impact Sensory Detective ® workshop - an interactive simulation that allows you to look at Autism/Asperger's from the inside out! You will learn first hand that sensory stimuli influences all behaviour, emotional development and academic progress of those with Autism/Asperger's.

Participants learn 
specific techniques for dealing with challenging behaviours and decreasing stress in individuals with Autism/Asperger's. These techniques allow you to guide and support ASD individuals towards self regulation.


post school transition® Workshop

Nelle’s new workshop is the culmination of many years of research, her extensive experience with clients and her personal lived experience. The workshop provides a detailed description of individuals on the  Autism Spectrum, and a vivid insight into the subtle intricacies of Autism. You'll investigate how puberty presents in Autistic individuals, and it's effects on sensory responses. Workshop participants are provided a practical model for successful Post-school Transition, using a step-by-step template guide. You’ll Case-Manage a scenario and collaborate outcomes in small groups. 


*** Accredited Teacher + Early Childhood Training - Aligns with Australian Professional Standards for Teachers - "Decoding Autism/Asperger’s behaviours through sensory awareness"
 QLD  Annual hours
 NSW Annual hours,  NESA accredited
 VIC  Annual hours, VIT hours
 ACT  Annual hours
 TAS  Annual hours
 NT Annual hours 
 SA  Annual hours
 WA  Annual hours
Nelle Frances is endorsed to provide 
NESA Registered Professional Development 
for teachers accredited at Proficient Teacher level 
By registering for Nelle's workshops and webinars you are giving your consent and agree that you understand the attached Deed of Acknowledgement 


  • Child focussed Workshop for Teachers, ASD Service Providers, Families & Carers - see Cancellation Policy here
  • Adolescent / Adult focussed Workshop for Community Stakeholders, Support Workers, Employment Agency staff, Employers, First Responders (Police & Paramedics) - see Cancellation Policy here
  • Whole-staff Professional Development for Workplaces and Schools - individualised to suit your needs - receive Nelle's Autism tick of Approval to display on your Company's advertising materials
  • Online Webinars various topics, for the convenience of training when it suits you


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Disclaimer: The information, articles and opinions contained in workshops, programs and presentations are those of Nelle Frances, provided for information, general education and support purposes only. The information is not intended to, nor does it, constitute medical or treatment advice. Nelle Frances disclaims any liability arising directly or indirectly from the information provided in her Interactive Sensory Sensitivity Workshop and Keynote Presentations.

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